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A proposal under the stars in Dubai and a wedding dreams are made of...

On Sunday the 19th of June 2016 my handsome husband, Adam and I celebrated three month of marriage bliss. How quickly the time has flown by is indescribable. It feels like it was only yesterday that we were standing before our family and friends making the biggest promise of all, to be together for eternity, to each other. I remember the day so clearly and would love to share it with you all.

Coming up to five years, Adam entered my life during a period where I wasn’t looking or wanting any form of a romantic relationship but to my surprise, Adam swept me off my feet from day dot. He was handsome, charming and one of the sweetest men I had ever met. I thought that he was too good to be true and was quite cautious to not get my heart broken yet again.

Our first date was at Clearances Bar in Mt Lawley, July 2011, both the wine and the conversation flew very smoothly, to the point that I was definitely interested in a second date. Not too long after Adam and I started dating he was off to Greece for a two week holiday, I didn’t expect to hear from him but he surprised me yet again and stayed in contact the whole time. A few more months went by and then it was me who was jet setting off to America for six weeks. We managed to get through that too and when I returned we were stronger than ever. Needless to say our relationship has had many ups and downs as all do but we were always able to overcome any obstacle that was thrown our way.

A couple of days into our trip, Friday the 28th of December to be precise, we had gotten back to our hotel room after being out and about and I was contemplating whether or not to go and get my nails done, Adam insisted that I did, so, of I went to the hotel spa with every intention to get them done but the wait was far too long and the prices where beyond crazy. Needless to say I returned to our hotel room quite quickly and with no manicure. Adam seem pretty concerned with the fact that I didn’t get my nails done, however, this wasn’t uncommon behavior as he has always been the type who likes for me to be spoilt and pampered. The conversation quickly changed though and we started conversing about where and if Adam had booked dinner for that evening, he told me that he had not got around to it as yet but for me to go and have a shower and that he would have a look at where we could go in that time. Being none the wiser I did what I was told and had a shower but afterwards needed to know if and where we were going so that I could dress accordingly. I was told that we were going to a restaurant call Shimmers, nothing too fancy just a casual place on the beach. I was also told that because Adam had called so late that the restaurant only had a private section left, which he had hoped was okay with me. Still at this point thinking absolutely nothing of his plan I said that it was fine and that it would actually be kind of cute. It wasn’t until we were in the taxi and on our way to the restaurant that I noticed Adam acting a bit strange, nervous almost but I was soon distracted by the scenery that my mind quickly wondered elsewhere. When we arrived at the restaurant there was a red carpet leading towards a private tent with a table and chair setting right on the beach overlooking the Burj Al Arab, EXTREMELY beautiful and SO romantic.

At this point any girl would have clicked as to what was going on but nope, not me, I asked where the bathroom was HAHAHAHA!!! When I had returned we were seated and placed our food and drink orders, our drinks arrived and Adam made a toast to us, said a few quite personal but extremely sweet things followed by “I told you that you should have got your nails done today”. BOOM I had FINALLY clicked what was going on and there it was THE RING followed by “WILL YOU MARRY ME”!!!

All the moments came rushing back and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t piece it all together sooner, I was so blindsided by everything else that was going on in our lives that I simply didn’t not see this one coming. Adam did the most incredible job in keeping it a surprise, he had the whole thing planned months in advance, had the most beautiful engagement ring made and made sure he had my families blessing. What more could a girl ask for!!!

The next year ahead was busy to say the least, we had a house to finish, an engagement party to prepare for and a wedding to plan. There were SO many ups and downs but we were there for each there every step of the way. Our engagement party was held at Blue Duck Café in Cottesloe in March 2015, our house was completed a month after, and our Wedding, just short of a year later which was held at St Marys Church in Leederville followed by a breathtaking reception at Acqua Viva in Nedlands on the 19th of March 2016.

Our Wedding Day, that’s what you are all here to read about!!! Well, be sure to tune in next week for when I share each and every detail of our Fairy Tale, focusing on the styling, the supplies and the vendors.



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