Ashlee and Josh - 18th February 2017

Ashlee and Josh met on Valentines Day, eight years ago, through mutual friends at a Nightclub in East Perth. Ashlee claims that she was a naive seventeen year old, who used her best friends ID to gain access to the venue, weren't we all! Ashlee and Josh only knew each other for 8 days prior making it “official”.

They had always known that what they had was very special and that it would one day turn into forever. Their lives became one, very quickly and through their eight year journey they travelled together, supported each other during university, saved for a block of land and built their dream family home.

Seven years into their journey together, on the 22nd of April 16, at South Beach in Fremantle, Josh finally proposed! Ashlee was completely unaware and states that the lack of manicure was proof of that! A month later they set a date!

On their wedding day, Saturday, 18th of April 2017 everything went as planned and for Ashlee and Josh it felt like we were in their own bubble. So many of their guests took the time, to tell them how enjoyable the day was and how much love was in the room. Even Josh him self wants to do it all again!