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LET’s talk about WEDDINGS. We LOVE working closely with couples in making their wedding dreams become a reality but feel that there are a lot of misconceptions many have when it comes to understanding exactly what a wedding Planner/Stylist/Coordinator does and what the role others within the industry such as Florists, Lighting and Hire Company’s play.

SO we’re going to give you the heads up and tell you everything you need to know, in two parts. The first being the definitions outlining who does what and the second being what a wedding Planner/Stylist/Coordinator does/doesn’t do.

A PLANNER is a person/s (us) who manages the planning of all wedding related items on your behalf, such items may include; a venue, photographer, videographer, flowers, stationery, hire items, dj, hair, make up, etc. You name it and a planner can coordinate it. A planner is your first point of contact for EVERYTHING, a best friend almost, one who has your best interest at heart at all times.


A STYLIST is a person/s (also us) who comes up with the idea of what your wedding day will look like overall, ensuring that each and every element flows seamlessly. A stylist will be present on your wedding day ensuring that all the styling/design elements are set up on your behalf.


A COORDINATOR is the person (yep us too) behind the curtain, who on your wedding day oversees everything, ensuring that your day runs smoothly and is exactly as you would have want it to be. A wedding coordinator will work closely with all other contracted vendors ensuring that each detail is as planned, and should anything go wrong (god forbid) they are there ready to go with Plan B.


A FLORIST is a person/s who supplies your bouquets, table flower arrangements and any other flower decorations you have requested. They may refer to themselves as stylists, but they are not (in most cases), as they do not assist with creating your overall wedding styling concept. A florist is hired to style the flower element of the wedding only (in most cases).


A HIRE COMPANY is a business that delivers and installs (in most cases, some will drop and run, which is where the stylist comes to the rescue) goods such as crockery, cutlery, linen and furniture. They are your go to for when your venue may not have what you want and/or need and you do not want to purchase or DIY.


LIGHTING COMPANY is a business that offers their lighting and electrical services. They will install and hang unique/special lighting that your venue may not have but you want/need for your special day. Never hire a lighting company that are not qualified electricians, as they are not qualified to do what’s required and should anything go wrong you may be liable to cover the cost of damages.



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